LARS Award

Audax Club Hackney presents a new, informal award, in memory of Lars Ericsson. Qualify by completing an SR (200, 300, 400 & 600) of calendar or perm events starting in London, organised by or having significant involvement of a London club. Longer distances can be substituted for shorter.

Example rides for this season are:

  • 200: AAAnfractuous, Willy Warmer, The Shark, Chiltern Chiltern Bang Bang, Great Escape, London Ditchling Devil, Straight Outta Hackney or Rowlands RAAAmble
  • 300: The Dean (perm available), 3Down, Amesbury Amble or Greenwich Mean Climb
  • 400: London Wales London, National 400 (ACH are running a control) or an Easter Arrow starting from London
  • 600: London Edinburgh London or Trafalgar-Trafalgar (3100km perm)

Presentation will be made at the ACH Winter Ball, the Saturday after the AUK Reunion. Claims should be made by 1st November 2017.