Active members can be seen on the club's results page for this and last year (note that the AUK season runs from 1st October - 30th September).

We have a members' email list that you can sign up for, we can also be reached via our facebook page and of course found on any of the rides that we have listed as doing.


Audax rides are over a set distance between predefined controls with minimum and maximum speeds limits. Validation is via stamps or receipts in a brevet card supplied at the start for calendar events; for permanent rides this would be posted to you beforehand. It is also possible to designate your own controls and create a DIY route which can be validated via GPS.


Check out the rides page to see when and where we are planning on riding. For a full list of events visit Audax UK.

We also ride international events as well - the most famous one being Paris - Brest - Paris for which the pre-qualification rides start in 2014 (anything labelled (B)RM in the AUK calendar), and we hope to have a number of riders taking part in 2015.