These are rides members have currently indicated they are doing on the shared google docs spreadsheet:

Season 2019/2020

4th JanPoor Student 200km: Robert Hanwell (yes), Jules Prokaza (yes).

18th JanThe Willy Warmer 200km: Malcolm Wills (yes).

1st FebKnights Templar Compasses 100km (ECE): Robert Hanwell (prob).

9th FebThe Winter Boat Ride 200km: Malcolm Wills (dns).

22nd FebChiltern Grit 200km: Gadget (yes), Jules Prokaza (yes).

8th MarchKent Invicta Grimpeur 100km: .

14th MarchThe Dean 300km: Gadget (yes), Tim Sollesse ((org)).

14th MarchThe Horsepower 200km: .

15th MarchGently Bentley 200km: Jules Prokaza (maybe).

22nd MarchThe Kennet Valley Run 207km: Gadget (yes), Malcolm Wills (yes).

29th MarchMan of Kent 200: .

29-Mar-2020Stevenage Start of Summertime 200: Jules Prokaza (maybe).

4-Apr-2020Hard Boiled 300: Anthony Powis (yes).

4-Apr-20203Down 300: Jules Prokaza (yes).

5-Apr-2020Dorset Coast 200: Anthony Powis (yes).

18-Apr-2020Amesbury Amble 300: Jules Prokaza (yes), Malcolm Wills (yes).

19-Apr-2020The Shark 200: Anthony Powis (prob).

2-May-2020LWL 400: Jules Prokaza (yes).

2-May-2020Porkers 400: Anthony Powis (prob).

16-May-2020Daunstey Dawdle 400: Jules Prokaza (yes).

23-May-2020Brimstone 600: Anthony Powis (prob).

23-May-2020Jetsetter 200: Jules Prokaza (maybe).

7-Jun-2020Ditchling Devil 200: Anthony Powis (poss), Jules Prokaza (yes).

13-Jun-2020Wander Wye 600: Jules Prokaza (yes).

20-Jun-2020Willesden’s Last Gasp 600: .

26-Jun-2020Crackpot 1000: Anthony Powis (poss).

8-Jul-2020London-Lands End-London 1400: Jules Prokaza (yes), Malcolm Wills (yes).

29-Aug-2020BBC London 600: Jules Prokaza (yes).