Bristol-Hackney Challenge

Audax Club Bristol have challenged us to a duel, with the weapon of choice being a 400km DIY group ride. They will ride Bristol-Hackney-Bristol, whilst we will ride Hackney-Bristol-Hackney, meeting halfway, probably in Newbury, on each leg. Trophies will be awarded based on:

  1. Points for the most riders.
  2. Points for the most riders on fixed wheel.

The date for this has now been set as the 12th July 2014 20th September 2014.

30th March: update from the March ACB newsletter:

The plan is that both clubs will ride a route between Clifton Suspension Bridge and Tower Bridge, us from west to East and AC Hackney east to west. We will leave at the same time and meet at the halfway point (Newbury) for lunch. There’s the option for riders to turn around at that point and make it a 200km, or ride on to the others city and finish there as a 200km, or return home and make it a 400km, meeting each other again on the way back.

All routes will be pretty flat. The hope is that most will chose to try the 400km for fun or maybe for some as a manageable first time 400k.

The competition comes into play, under points. I.e. Points for the most riders, with extra points for fun elements, like riding fixed, or in retro cycling clothes etc. a trophy will be awarded to the winning team, with the view that this may become a fun annual summer event.