Category: Ride Reports

Offa’s Dyke 2016

This 600km event had caught my eye when perusing the audax calendar over the winter – the idea of traversing countries, endless climbs, quiet lanes and heading to the sea pulled me inexorably in, along with the fact that it

Meridian Hills 200km (perm)

After my unused brevet for the Meridian Hills 200km permanent had sat on a shelf gathering dust for the past nine months, I finally resolved to ride it on Saturday 29th March 2014. A 5am start, a short train ride

San Luis Obispo 2014

Work sent me to Los Angeles for 3 weeks in February and one of my immediate thoughts was could I fit in any audax rides. Consulting the ACP calendar revealed local events organised by Pacific Coast Randonneurs, with the San

The Poor Student 2014

One of our members, Mike Conway, has written the following report for The Poor Student ride on 4th January: Long bike rides are typically made memorable by two factors that the rider can’t control – terrain and weather. I’d been

Winter Boat Trip 2013

7:30am on 8th December saw around 65 assemble at the Wonder Cafe in Hillingdon for the 200km Winter Boat Trip Audax, including 4 ACH members: Ivan Cornell, Michael Conway, Caroline Fenton and Dave Allison, the last three having only recently